it hurts so good

In case you were wondering how it’s going in the workout world, I’ll update you! After thinking things through a bit more, I decided a hybrid of options would be my best bet.

You see, after going to meet with the trainer, I knew that was going to be what worked best for me. But the long-term factor made me think financially it would be impossible. Then I made a mental list of the reasons I don’t make it to the gym. I’ll try to remember and list it to slake your curiosity!

Reasons I avoid going to the gym:
*it’s intimidating (Translated, that means I don’t enjoy feeling like a chunky middle-aged woman in a world of sleek, finely tuned female physiques. I’d rather be chunky by myself!)
*there are so many people (I dislike crowds, can’t help it!)
*parking is a hassle (especially in this weather!)
*I’m not confident on the machines (why spend all that time and energy doing the exercises wrong?)
*I don’t want to be recognized (i.e. I’m there to ‘get it over with’ and get outta there! I don’t want to chit chat.)

That’s pretty good for starters! Then I listed the reasons I enjoyed my time at the personal trainer’s gym.

Reasons I won’t avoid going to the personal trainer:

*it’s private
*it’s private
*it’s private

*For real!

Other reasons:

*it’s not as intimidating (I’m usually the only client there which makes me happy!)

*parking is easy – just park in front of the door and walk in (gotta love it!)

*the routine changes each visit, they show me how it’s done and monitor me as I work out

*they don’t know me and they aren’t there to chat, they are there to see me sweat! (the trainer examines my food/exercise log each visit)

*and yes, the cost (there is something about that hefty price tag that motivates me to never miss a session!)

Knowing myself and the desire for one-on-one and for privacy, the personal trainer route is the way to go. But, since I can’t afford to go three times a week for 6-12 months, we met halfway. Twice a week for 3 months. The other days I will work out on my treadmill at home or when the weather gets nice outside walking, running or biking. And, when I’m really feeling adventurous (heh) I’ll head over to the gym to do an occasional workout with my friends. (How they tolerate the likes of me I’ll never know! LOL)

So, I went today and Ashley worked me over good! Lunges, squats, push-ups, lat pull-down, elliptical machine, and more. After I got home, I needed a nap! But I resisted. I had to go downstairs to get something. OHMYGOODNESS!!!!!! My legs were jello and I barely made it down! Coming back up was no easy feat either! I’m so thankful for stair rails!

My family has already heard moaning and groaning and whining, but they just grin, especially my husband who has felt this way after many workouts for 38 years. No sympathy. Empathy maybe, but no sympathy!

Especially after having had a radical mastectomy; relearning to use my arm and chest muscles; not being able to wring out a wash cloth, bathe myself; not being able to lift a dinner plate or a gallon of milk or my arms above my waist. That was hurting so bad. It took painful stretching several times a day for weeks just to get my arms to loosen up. That was pain that was no fun.That was pain that was undeserved.

But this, this is pain that I choose. I love knowing that my body can actually bend and stretch and lift and all the rest of it! When I groan, it’s really joyous groaning! It feels good to hurt in this way, and as I told my trainer, “Oh, it hurts so good!”

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2 Responses to “it hurts so good”

  1. Coni Says:

    Hey Kris. Really enjoy reading your writing. Keep it up

  2. rnjblack7 Says:

    Kris what a great blog. I so totally enjoyed this one upon opening my email. I can hardly wait to see what you write and it always amazes me that someone else thinks like a think. Although I don’t have to worrie about being “known” I do dislike the feeling of being a chunky munky amongst slim jim.
    Thanks and Blessing,

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