quotidian details

I know this will sound more than a little nerdy, but I recently added an application to my iPhone. That’s not the particularly nerdy part. What’s nerdy (probably) is that the app is “Dictionary.com.” What’s nerdier still is that I’ve begun looking daily at the word of the day, even anticipating it!  Oh well, I can’t help that words interest me as they do. I don’t know why, they just do!

So, today the word is quotidian. (Now that it’s midnight, it’s yesterday’s word!) You’d think quotidian means someone who quotes a lot! But, no, it means the ordinary or every day, especially in a mundane sort of way.

Isn’t that what so much of life is? We spend most of our days mired in the myriad quotidian details of life, longing for something new and fresh and exciting.

Our days can run together and become one long string of sameness if we forget to stop and look up and around every now and then.  If we are intentional, we will notice the color of someone’s eyes. We may see that person twenty-five times a day, but maybe we’ll really see them for the first time if we’re observant. Sometimes we are so busy in the daily details that we are oblivious to amazing sights, sounds, scents and sensations.

Noticing little details brings joy to our days. Recently I was standing in our family room as I was talking on the phone. I noticed movement out the window and immediately turned my head just in time to see a large hawk land in a tree at the back of our yard. I kept my eye on him and he flew over to the fence not 20 feet away! He was magnificent! I’ve never gotten such a close-up view of one. His back feathers were a dark espresso color as was his head and his underside was cream. His beak was curled and he was scanning the yard, on the hunt. I was in awe!

Saturday at work a young woman came in with her little daughter and was looking at picture frames.  She was gazing intently, scrutinizing the frames, completely unaware that her darling 2-year-old was tippy-toeing in her pink sparkly shoes up and down up and down, curls bobbing and eyes shining. She was full of excitement and wonder and delight. What was just another mundane task to the mom was an exciting adventure to her little one.

I wonder if I were to try to see life through the eyes of a child how much more I’d notice; how much more joy I’d experience.

Sometimes as I’m driving, I’ll notice the billowy clouds, or a kestrel on a wire, or the spiky frost on tree branches and I savor the beauty as a special gift from God, which it is.

It may be daily stuff, but it is far from mundane.


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2 Responses to “quotidian details”

  1. Rochelle Eigsti Says:

    I love the thought process, the freedom to write. I look forward to additional wisdom and thoughts to just get a glimpse of God’s design in you.

  2. Barbara Vierk Says:

    You surely can write. I look forward to reading many books you will author in the years to come. And your blog in the meantime. Not only can you write; you surely can think. Because my strengths also include inellection, input and learner, I love a good thinker.
    Every blessing,

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