a bolstered spirit

I have this little piece of paper I cut out of a magazine ten years ago. I’m not sure if it was from Cooking Light or Real Simple, or another magazine all together. That small scrap of script has somehow survived an entire decade amidst the crazy comings and goings of my life! It has push-pin holes and a tape-repaired rip. A few corners are curled. I’m amazed that of all the things I still have after ten years’ time, this little slip of solace has survived! Kind of like me. It’s made it and so have I. A bit bedraggled, but we’re still around!

It displays a quote from a book by Fern Starr, entitled, How To Be Your Own Personal Trainer (Ten Speed Press, 2000). I’ve personally never read the book and am certain I never will. (If there was any chance I could be my own personal trainer, I wouldn’t be going to one now, would I?!)

Anyway, the quote reminds me just why I need to work out. When I’m tempted to give up or just skip it til tomorrow, it brings me back to my senses. I need to memorize it. I have the concept – but I should still put it to memory.

I hope Fern doesn’t sue me for quoting her without her written permission – I did cite her info – but you never know! Maybe since I’m giving her publicity (albeit to a very limited audience) she’ll give me grace!

Here is what she wrote all those years ago:

“A workout makes you better today than you were yesterday. It strengthens your body, relaxes your mind, and bolsters your spirit.”

It’s true. Today I went for my 4th session. I could tell a difference immediately! My balance was better. My strength increased and my stamina also. Mentally I feel alert and encouraged and motivated. Physically I feel stronger than I have in a very long time. I know from past experience that it relaxes my mind, but today I was watching more news on Haiti, so that wasn’t the case.

I am better today than I was even yesterday. And tomorrow after my treadmill time at the gym I’ll be better than today! I’m so encouraged! It’s not about getting a svelte body. It’s about becoming stronger, healthier, more coordinated, gaining endurance and confidence, clearing my mind, and feeling just plain good about life!

If you need encouragement, copy that little quote down on your own scrap of paper and pin it someplace where it can remind you of the benefits of a good workout. You’re body will be better and your spirit will soar!

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One Response to “a bolstered spirit”

  1. Anna Evans Says:

    i love that quote! that totally got me through the beginning stages of training for the half-marathon. keep it up! you are insiring!

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