I wanted to share with you a blog that I’ve been enjoying for the last year. I was browsing one day and came across a book that grabbed my attention. I read about the author, Molly Wizenberg, and from there I learned about her blog, Orangette. I absolutely love her site and her book!

The book is entitled, A Homemade Life. I read it in two days and began making some of the recipes just as quickly. There isn’t one thing I’ve made that we didn’t absolutely love!

Molly writes in a down to earth and easy to read manner. I could relate to her story – about her dad’s journey through cancer and about her connections and relationships forged through food. It was the most enjoyable read I’ve experienced in a long time!

I was bummed that I finished reading it so quickly, but I couldn’t help myself! It was captivating! I wish there was another on the horizon. It looks like A Homemade Life will be coming out in paperback this month, so that’ll have to do, but I love my hardbound copy and, alas, it’s already marked up.

When I decide to cook one of her recipes, I jot the date in the margin and then my family’s response to it.  I write down any changes I’ve made, and any ideas for adapting it the next time, I note there as well. It’s become a cooking journal I refer back to often. My daughter has even been adding her own notes! (But she’s going to have to get her own copy when she moves out!)

If you’re like me and enjoy being at home and trying new recipes, then this book will be a delight to you. If not, go ahead and give it a read anyway. You may just find a new side of yourself you didn’t know existed! Bon appetit!

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3 Responses to “orangette”

  1. nanci hinman Says:

    Thanks Kris

  2. Kathleen Schaffer Says:

    Hi Kris

    Yes! I also stumbled upon Molly and her blog last year through some articles she wrote for Bon Appetit magazine – I think she is a regular contributor. (I read one on rice pudding and her dad, one on salmon, one on green goddess dressing, and another on kale – all very good!) I’ve thought several times about buying her book but had not yet taken the plunge. Thanks for recommending it. Also, I love your idea of notes in the book – I write in all my other books why have I never thought to do so in my cookbooks?

    • Kris Says:

      Hi Kathleen!
      I love it when someone else enjoys the same books as I! I’d wait to buy it til it comes out in paperback. Save some dough! =) k

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