week 8 adjourns

I’ve tried to keep from talking about my workouts too much, but since I’m finishing up my second month, figured I should mention my progress to anyone who’s interested.

I’m tremendously encouraged that in spite of several out-of-town trips and the ups and downs of schedules and health, I’m still at it! Weeks 7 and 8 have been more challenging physically for some reason, but I’m guessing that’s probably normal. I’ve had a sore hip-joint and recently I strained a hamstring, but nothing is stopping my progress and for that I’m grateful! It’s all part of it! (I’m realizing that if I’d tighten the muscles I’m supposed to during an exercise, I won’t strain something else! What a revelation! I eventually learn, and that’s good!)

Wednesday was so beautiful, I couldn’t help myself and ignored the treadmill, going out for a run up and down our street instead. It’s a two-mile course where I dodged snow piles, ice and puddles and carefully navigated the gravel as I jogged my way through the neighborhood. I felt vibrantly alive and invigorated! I wanted to keep running on and on, but made myself stop to get on with other tasks. Boy, it’s good I did!

I spoke at MOPS the next morning and had a great time with them. After driving home and fixing a bite of lunch I decided to sit and do some work on my computer. It was as if a giant pillow pressed me into my chair and held me captive! I couldn’t get up! I couldn’t keep my head up or my eyes open. I kept resisting but continued being over-powered by the pushing pillow of post-exercise exhaustion! I think I sat in that stupor for a couple of hours – I’m not sure!

Thursday I longed for another outdoor run, but even though the temp was right, the wind made it feel colder and I realized once again, with disappointment, that I am only a fair-weather runner. The conditions all have to be right, or I’ll find a way out. That’s precisely why I’ve never succeeded at working out. There’s always a reason not to!

And that’s precisely why I need a trainer! With a trainer there are no excuses. Perhaps reasons, or challenges to be worked through, but one is never let off the hook (or weight cables for that matter!)

I haven’t weighed myself or measured or done any kind of comparison with myself, but I’m feeling strong and energetic (except when plastered to a chair after a run!) I fit in my clothes better and am cinching up my belt a few notches – but it’s really about feeling good, which I do.

So, there you have it. Week 8 is about finished. I’m hoping I can continue training with Nick and Ashely, but if not, I hope I’ve learned enough to continue the winning process of weight training, consistent cardio and eating right. They all go together. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

By the way, how are you doing?

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4 Responses to “week 8 adjourns”

  1. Anna Evans Says:

    Hey Kris!

    i’m so glad to head that your are feeling stronger! that’s awesome!!!

    anyway, i forgot to send you the title of that book that we talked about. it’s “for women only: what you need to know about the inner lives of men” by Shaunti Feldhahn. i really like the study guide that goes along with it, because it has you ask your spouse questions and gives you a good place to start and gets conversation flowing. hope you have a great day!

    ps – i ahve said it before but i l.o.v.e. your blog! and i love that it emails me with new posts! thanks for sharing your life with us!

  2. angie williams Says:

    Kris, You are doing great!! What an inspiration! I’m just happy if i get on our eliptical (is that how to spell it) a few times a week!

    Loving you.

  3. Wanda Jackson Says:

    Lifetime Fitness has become a new hang out for me, since I joined the work out club the end of January. I love the water! Swimming is my thing. I love the feel of the water gliding along my arms and kicking my legs and making a splash is so much fun. I also enjoy riding the stationary bikes or cycles and the “weather” inside is always the perfect conditions for me to go for a ride. HA! Thanks, Kris, for the update and I pray that we both can keep up our good progress.

  4. Jenn Black Says:

    Aaah ya just joined the ymca a week ago but have as yet to step into it. Still excited about the new place to exercise but still haven’t determined in my heart to get my bottom there. Thanks for the update. Jenn. P.S. I too am a fair weather exerciser that’s why I am hoping having a choice will give me incentive not excuses. Lol

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