groceries and geese

Have you been looking up lately? I was walking out of the grocery store this morning and heard a racket overhead. I looked up and to my amazement the sky was full of geese waaaaaaay up high! There were lines and v-formations constantly changing and morphing into new lines and v’s  and as I looked more closely I realized the entire sky was crowded with geese heading northward! Astounding!

I know this happens every year at this time, but every year it continues to amaze me! Their mass exodus from the south with the accompanying cacophony of honks and wing-flapping stirs wonder and awe within me. I didn’t want to miss out once the groceries were loaded and I was in my car, so I opened the window and sunroof to experience their presence as long as possible. It didn’t matter that it was 40 degrees! There were thousands of geese trekking past and I just had to take notice! I marveled and exclaimed the beauty and wonderment of their travels above. God, you are incredible! Your design of these creatures with internal clocks nudging them to get going, and giving them their own GPS guiding their flight is too marvelous! You are awesome, God! Thank you for this season of change, of movement, of growth and hope. What a delight each new day brings!

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One Response to “groceries and geese”

  1. Shelly Says:

    Kris, you challenge me to stop and reflect on all things and then write about them. You have a way with words. Love you

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