recreational companionship

Last week I posted a blog as a guest of (check it out – the date was March 17) where I mentioned one of a husband’s needs is for recreational companionship. A few days later I had the opportunity to tag along with with my husband as we went out in the woods looking for shed atlers.

Most people don’t know what shed antlers are, so I’ll explain! Every spring, bucks (male deer), grow a set of antlers, and the following March, they shed them just in time to grow a new set to sport around all summer, fall and winter! The antlers that have fallen off the bucks are laying around in the woods to either be picked up by people who think they’re really cool, or to be eaten by mice and other rodents for their vitamins.

My husband has been an avid outdoors-man since childhood and has become an accomplished bowhunter in the past 28 years. Consequently, I’ve learned all about his hobby and know more about shed antlers and hunting, butchering and cooking deer than you’d ever guess! I know the difference between a rub and a scrape, I can tell you where the deer bed down, I can find their trails and tracks and can throw in a few facts like they chew their cud and that they are diurnal just for good measure!

Some people think that hunting is wrong or bad. Really, it’s far more merciful than the fate of being attacked by larger predators or starving to death in the wild. Also, it’s a kinder life than the one animals who are raised for food must endure. Let’s not go into all of that right now though, it’s awful. Hunting is a way of keeping the population in check which keeps people traveling in cars safe as well as your garden plants! The meat is hormone and chemical free and in Nebraska it’s often tasty because the deer eat corn and soy beans!

The hunters I know are all conscientious respecters of the earth, not the rowdy, partying losers portrayed in the movies.

When I accompany my husband, I am always impressed to see him work his way through the woods finding sheds.  It’s much harder to spot them than you’d imagine. Those antlers blend in with the grass and fallen tree limbs making them extremely difficult to find, but he’s trained his eyes and can spot them yards away!

Most of my friends golf or attend football games with their husbands for recreational companionship! I know it’s a bit unusual, but his hobby suits me just fine! Being out in nature, watching the geese migrating overhead, seeing where the rabbits were chewing off bark to survive the long bitter winter are all things we enjoy seeing and experiencing together.

Today, I thought I’d share a couple pictures with you from our trip to the woods and perhaps another time I’ll write a post about looking for deer sign. (Not a sign saying deer jump in front of cars at this spot! Deer sign is any number of clues that tell a deer has been there!)

Until then, enjoy these pics!

Hint, if you can’t find the shed antler, look  3/4 of the way up the photo, 2/3 of the way across and above dirt with root sticking out. Good luck!

Okay, here are some sheds that are easier to see!

shed antlers

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3 Responses to “recreational companionship”

  1. Shireen Says:

    So great! I loved looking for the antlers in the picture. Micah and I went to hit golf balls yesterday on our date…it really was so much fun. I love that we are talking so much about this because it truly is a blessing to our husbands, but also to us as well! Thanks Kris!

  2. Kris Says:

    Hey Jenn!
    Dress in layers and and get hand warmers for both pockets! They really work!
    You’ll stay warm while building memories together! Let me know how it goes!

  3. jenny Says:

    okay Kris if you can do it I know I can too. Rick has asked me on numerous occasions to go with him of which I say no, mainly cause I hate to be cold. But next time I will surprise him with a yes and think of you while I’m out there freezing! Lol Thanks for sharing.

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