Once again I sit on my family room couch looking out the expansive south-facing window. My husband and I enjoyed the quiet this morning as we sipped our coffee, gazing, watching the birds come and go. It’s a windy day, I can tell. Though I haven’t yet stepped outside, the wind chimes and clouds’ speed tell me so. It’s one of those days that can be sunny and brilliant one moment and shrouded in gray the next.

A male goldfinch perches on a feeder snatching seeds from the little feed-slot. The sun lights his feathers just right and transforms him from a yellow bird with a black cap to a torch of gold. He is magnificent! The green buds emerging from the branches of the aspen beyond him become illuminated by the sun as well. They are vibrant!

A little potted fake fern sits on a glass table just this side of the window and the sun graced its plastic leaves also. It came alive for only a moment, its leaves radiant with green warmth.

Then all went terribly wrong. I made the mistake of glancing at the table top. Not only were the plastic leaves of my faux fern illuminated, but every finger print, glass water mark and every piece of dust on that table were also highlighted, brought to my attention, pointed out as if with a giant neon arrow! The streaks on the window that were left the last time we windexed it are now painfully apparent and I feel the urge to get up and start cleaning!

The sun does that. It can make things look absolutely gorgeous; better than they are on their own. It can also show just how ugly other objects are, how messed up or unattractive they truly are, once the light does its work.

Light is truth. It brings out the reality of an object. It accentuates the beauty or exposes the ugliness.

Jesus is the Son of God, and he is the sun – the light of God that reveals the truth about who we are.

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me.”

Jesus is truth. His life shows us the truth about our own lives. He is the radiance that makes us beautiful or he is the beam of light that shows our falsehood and sin. We can look pretty good on a gray day, but when the Son shines in all his radiance, what comes out of us for all to see? Fingerprints and dirt?

I’m so thankful that because of the Son’s great sacrifice and resurrection, I can be clean inside, so when Jesus, The Light of the World shines on me, I can reflect his glory just like that little goldfinch at my feeder!

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4 Responses to “illumination”

  1. Nanci Hinman Says:

    Thank you Kris! Your blogs have been such a blessing, but I must say that this one touched my heart. Last Thursday my mother had a stroke, a pretty serious one which was caused by a damaged Aortic valve that due to her illnesses cannot be repaired. She is out of ICU and will be moved tomorrow for Rehab to Brookstone Meadows in Elkhorn. Your blog gave me a much needed break while I sat and read your wonderful explanation of the view outside your window. I sat there envisioning what you were describing and could literally sense every smell, view, and feeling that you were describing… Then I realized that amidst all this “should be stressful time”, the peace of God has been in my heart…and the light is just as you say, illuminating the areas that really are “all that He is in me.” I am amazed at the radiance I feel from Him, and the desire I have in Him to handle this time with Grace and Persistance. Thanks!!

  2. Deb Schmidt Says:

    My friend, you have such an amazing way with words! Such truth, and said in such a way that I feel I’m right there with you, seeing the things you are seeing. Yes, yes, yes. So thankful for how the Light of Jesus illuminates the beauty and helps us see the yuck, and then draws us to want more and more of His Light, His beauty, His illumination through us! Thank you for writing! Please don’t stop. You call me higher through the words He gives you. And inspires me to write. Love you so!

  3. Sharon Says:

    I love this post! How true!….And how warm I am on the inside when I can ask forgiveness and see truth and then rest and bask in His Son-light! 🙂

  4. Claudia Kaser Says:

    Oh how I loved this entry! So thankful that the ‘Son’shine’s in my soul!!!
    Blessings to you!

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