I just spent the last 25 minutes trying to come up with a password I’ll remember (not very likely) which is also “strong” according to the strength indicator bar located beneath the box where I type and retype my password possibilities.

I’ve got a stack of sticky notes plastered to my desktop with various options written and scratched out. Now do I need to shred those to be password safe?!

I never got beyond the “weak” stage on the indicator bar, even though I followed their advice by interspersing numbers, capital and lowercase letters and various symbols. I got so exasperated I decided the one currently in the box was just going to have to do. You’d think with 16 digits it’d be strong enough! I also decided that if someone wants to break in that bad, then they deserve  to find whatever it is that they’re looking for! Good grief!

I’m wondering if that little indicator tool is just having an off day! If I keep messing with it, I will be!!

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3 Responses to “password”

  1. Nicolette Says:

    Chuckled my way through this one. This is why people go and live on mountain tops all alone without electricty. People who have exceptional memories and abilities to write security computer programming for the Pentagon are the ones who require us to have a security password to enter the Sesame Street site. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. Jenn Says:

    Wow we are so much alike it scares me as this happens to me all the time and i have my little sticky notes all over my lap top as well with passwords. lol

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