Okay, so I’m going to make a confession. Up until Saturday, I’d never done this before. (I’ve confessed, but what I’m going to confess I’ve never done before. Does that make sense?)

Les and I went to Lazlow’s for lunch Saturday. They have absolutely THE best hamburgers I’ve ever eaten! In fact, I don’t even eat hamburgers any more because you just never know how they’ve been handled or where the meat has been or, well, let’s just stop there! But Lazlow’s grinds their own meat fresh every morning, so I will eat theirs, and I savor every bite! Yum!

I’d been out running errands and met up with Les for a late lunch. After we were seated and placed our order, I told him I was going to run to the restroom to wash my hands.

I jetted through the bar, past the wait station, and the kitchen and around the corner. I glanced at the sign on the wall and pushed open the door. I pumped the soap into my hands and wetted them with water as I began scrubbing the dirt away.

Immediately I noticed that the room didn’t smell very nice. Not like normal. Just not clean. I thought it unusual as I don’t recall any women’s restrooms I’d been in smelling quite like this one.

I heard a little girl’s voice, nothing unusual . . . and then I heard a deep-voiced response! I thought, “Hmm, it’s unusual that a man would bring his daughter into a women’s restroom, but I suppose it happens.” I began rinsing the bubbles off my hands while my brain continued trying to make sense of the cues.

Just then, out walked the man and his little girl. His eyes opened wide in wondering surprise as I smiled and grabbed for the paper towel. Then reality dawned in its fullness. It wasn’t unusual for him to be in there! I was in the men’s room!

I said, “I’m guessing I’m in the wrong room,” as I hastily retreated toward the door!

I don’t remember his reply. (I have a habit of blocking out uncomfortable experiences!)

As I left the men’s room, I noticed the sign next to the door across from the one I was leaving. It had a figure in a dress and clearly stated: WOMEN. Oops!

I rushed back to my seat, grinning broadly and holding back a laugh. Well, that just beats all!

I’m just glad there were doors on every stall!

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8 Responses to “oops”

  1. Ann Crews Says:

    That’s a riot Kris! I’ve actually done that too but I walked in on a full house of men. Why do restaurants use those cute little stick people symbols anyway?

  2. Zack Says:

    Nice… Don’t think I’ve ever done it… but I am going to assume that you handled it like the lady you are. Also, I’m going to add you to my blog roll. You crack me up. πŸ˜‰

    ~Zack (aka The Omaha Critic)

  3. Tracy Says:

    Hah! Oh no! I’ve actually done that too – in high school of all things. I think my head may have burst into flames for a few moments when I realized it. Ugh!

  4. Nicolette Says:

    Roared out loud. Even Grace came to see what I was laughing about. I could just hear your brain clicking away as you multi-tasked your way through the eew-de-pew of your location. Now, you just need to make an appearance with Pastor Les in one of his commercials so the man can recognize you and visit you on your turf at church… Ha!

  5. pam hanson Says:

    i did that in chipotles – soooo embarassing! no men were in there but when you realize what you did, you turn every shade of red! funny funny!

  6. Karen Says:


    I have done that before, only as I walked in the man was walking out, oops is right. I think God allows those oops in our lives so that we
    can laugh out loud. Thank you for bringing humor to already
    stressful day of work. God Bless

  7. Claudia Kaser Says:

    Well now you can join the rest of us! πŸ™‚ I’m just surprised it took you this long to make that little blunder! Laughter doeth a heart good…….

  8. Jan Says:


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