a bigger oops!

Recently we all shared a laugh recalling our run-ins in men’s rooms! I’m sure there are many more stories out there but some of you are afraid to fess up! You’re still embarrassed just remembering!

I was reading your replies to my husband one night and we were laughing out loud! We were having a great time together sharing in the humor of every-day-life. It was then that I remembered one of his most embarrassing moments, involving a men’s bathroom! Yes, men’s.

We were spending some time in California several summers ago, and on this particular day we were bumming around, sight-seeing, shopping and doing nothing in particular, when the need to make a pit stop occurred rather suddenly.

We were somewhere between Santa Barbara and Carpinteria and came across a little shop where Les lurched the car to a stop and left hastily in search of a bathroom.

Only a few minutes went by when he came rushing back, opened the door, sat down and said, “You’re not going to believe this!”

Les had quickly found the men’s room, and, in his fervor to be free from his mounting fear of his bladder exploding, failed to do the most basic action before entering a bathroom with a closed-door – knock!

He grabbed the handle and pushed the door. It opened readily and there was a woman sitting there yelling,“I’m in here, I’m in here, I’m in heeeeere!”

His brain didn’t compute!
This is a men’s bathroom.
I need to go, bad!
The door wasn’t locked.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Why is this woman in here, screaming and grabbing for the door?

Imagine the confusion. You have an urgent need to empty your bladder. You walk in to the correct bathroom and there is a person of the opposite gender sitting there!

He was paralyzed. He just stood there – staring – trying to make sense of the facts. It was a clear case of cognitive dissonance!
By the time his brain caught up with his body, he had stepped backward, pulling the door shut as that poor woman who’d nearly wet herself tried to finish things up and get out of there, far away from the crazy-dazed man trying to get in!

He heard himself say, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m really sorry!”

(What is it about threes? Saying things in threes somehow helps us when we’re really embarrassed?)

I’m not sure how she got out of there, because I never even saw a woman, or anyone walk by the car. Maybe she found a nearby window and crawled out, disappearing down an alley!

There are at least two lessons to be learned from this:

1. always knock before entering a bathroom with a closed-door

2. if you are using a bathroom intended for the opposite sex, LOCK THE DOOR!

That woman wasn’t the only person traumatized that day!

Now, if there are any of you that haven’t fessed up yet, your story can’t be as bad as Les’s!

Give it a whirl. Confession is good for the soul!

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10 Responses to “a bigger oops!”

  1. Karen Says:

    When I was a sophomore in college, my roomate and I were in one of the buildings on campus looking at some artwork being exhibited. I told her I had to go to the bathroom and turned at the next door and went in. She apparently didn’t hear me and was looking around for me. The guy next to her noticed the whole exchange and pointed at the men’s room I had just entered and said, “I think she went in there.” In the meantime, I got inside the door and there was a guy at the sink, washing his hands. I’m sure my face turned a dozen shades of red as I apologized and scooted out the door as quickly as possible. My roomate never let me forget that faux pas and I have to admit, I do still think about it from time to time and even though it is embarrassing, it makes me laugh silently to myself at what, at the time, was such an embarrassment but is now just a laughable memory. It’s good we can laugh at our mistakes as we get older.

  2. Valerie Bosselman Says:

    Yeah, not so much. I have no cards in my confessional to trump that….

  3. Kristyn Says:

    So I kinda have a bad habit of always being in a hurry! One day in a hurry to try on clothes at Old Navy I thankfully was given a hand by an employee who found my cell phone in the dressing room, where I had left it and rushed it to me as I was walking out the door. So thoughtful, yes I thought so too. Well, when I got home, I was undressing to get in the shower and as I stared in shock into the mirror, the thought that I spoke out loud was, “Who’s underwear are those?” Much to my confusion, I had to come to terms with the fact that I left a pair of swim bottoms on and forgot to change out of them. Too embarrased to take them back, they still sit in a drawer as a reminder for me to slow down and at least pay attention to my underwear!!!!!!

  4. Krystel Says:

    I was just telling my daughter about this incident at lunch today. A few months ago I was having coffee with a friend at Panera. I left the table and walked confidently into the restroom (my mind still on the conversation at the table) marched past the sink, then the urinal and to a stall and thought “when did they add that in here”. Then I quickly realized it had probably always been there and that I was the new comer. Funny how you can feel quite relaxed when oblivious and panic the second revelation comes. hehe

  5. Sherry Says:

    I did do my confessing in the last blog…and it did feel good to get that out! Maybe the woman was in there by mistake and left there not even knowing the difference, but if she was in there and knew where she was…she should have been the one saying I am sorry to P. Les and defenitely taking precautions against anyone else entering. I have used men’s bathroom on occasion when the ladies line is so long that it would take forever to get into a stall, but also knowing there is not to many men around to worry about and I do lock the door. But it still feels weird going in there, like I am going against some unseen male forcefield. 🙂

  6. Ellen Says:

    Well, let’s see…just a few months ago at the Hy-Vee on 156th & Maple, I needed to use the restroom. I walked in, looked at the urinal on the floor and walked into the stall. All the time thinking, “Um, why is there a urinal in the women’s restroom? How strange…” I got done, looked at the urinal again and started washing my hands finally starting to realize where exactly I was. Then, a man walked in took a few steps and headed for the door again asking, “Am I in the wrong bathroom??????” To which I responded, “AAaaaa no, I think I am. Sorry.” and left quickly with a hot red face. Every time I saw the guy around the store, I went the other way. Just dense sometimes I guess. Thank the Lord no men came in to use the urinal while I was in the stall!!!! Such is life! 🙂

  7. Tracy Says:

    I don’t think I can top that one.

    But I’m definitely going to think of that the next time I’m standing in the LONG line for the women’s restroom, and the thought crosses my mind that the men’s line is much shorter – maybe they wouldn’t notice. OBVIOUSLY they would!

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