life metaphor

Yesterday I posted about the red maple in my yard. I mentioned how I can relate to it as a cancer survivor. As I reread my entry, I realized just how similar to my life its story is! Two different storms, losing two limbs. Pardon the TMI, but having cancer twice, two different types, and finally enduring a radical bilateral mastectomy was traumatic. And, like my persevering red maple dropping its leaves, losing my hair twice caused me to feel as though all my splendor had vanished for good. Fortunately, leaves and hair both grow back!

Interestingly, a few days ago, I wrote a poem about the changing trees. It wasn’t until I’d finished it that I thought, “This is a metaphor for my life.” I thank God that the storms have made me stronger. My spiritual and emotional roots have forced their way deeper, and daily I’m experiencing gratitude and  joy like I never did before!


raw chill

absent thrill

rising sun drags in the dawn

illuminating battered, tattered leaves

survivors of brutal whipping winds

beautifully radiant in a painfully apologetic way



trees will soon be bare

cold and dark


splendor blown away

stately stature’s glory gone


spring will come, will reappear

it always does, I needn’t fear

splendor restored

warms the chill and eases pains

a new day comes, fresh and full of hope

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6 Responses to “life metaphor”

  1. Curt L Says:

    I sometimes think the “stately stature’s glory” of a tree is most fully visible and beautiful in winter. Stripped of the leaves, stripped of the outer beauty, the inner self of the tree is revealed – the underlying strength of it is exposed.

  2. Karen Says:

    Thank you again for sharing, your insight gives us all the strength to
    stand and fight not matter the circumstance. Just like that trees,
    you have fought to get back your life. not the Life you once knew,
    but a brand new life. The little things that we take for granted daily,
    you have opened our eyes, heart, and mind to view all things in a different light. Thank you for sharing, and the trees have a knew
    look to them.

  3. Jan Lane Says:

    So touching:)

  4. Nicolette Says:

    It is good to see you writing again. I have missed your posts. Drove down to IHOP yesterday. The color was still lingering in the tops of some of the oaks. Their rusty, red tips stood like sentinels on the hillsides. The closer we got to K.C., the thicker the leaf cover was.

    Your deep roots grow a tree that provides a shady breeze to those fortunate enough to sit under its branches… Bless you!

  5. Wanda Says:

    I love to see trees as they go through the stages or phases of the seasons. They are the only plants that can live through them all and look beautiful in each season. Kris, you have done that too!
    Love you!!

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