eggs in a cup

Well, sorry for my absence, but I’ve been a little busy attending funerals. Seriously. Sometimes life is full of those you love leaving you. Maybe one of these days I’ll share about what I miss and loved about them. It’s all so heavy though, and I didn’t want to start back to blogging focusing on my losses!

So, on the brighter side, I thought I’d share with you a happy little comfort-food idea that’s easy and nutritious! (Yes, comfort-food is important at times like these, or plenty of tequila! But I’d recommend sticking with comfort-food! It’s cheaper, more satisfying and will keep you out of trouble!)

I was wasting inordinate amounts of time on pinterest the other day and found this great way to make scrambled eggs (or as the innovator labeled them, omelets in a mug! ) The first time I made them, I forgot to spray the mug with Pam, and forgot to lightly scramble the eggs before cooking. I must’ve been hungry!  I ate them anyway! Today I remembered to do both and it was yum!

I always do better after consuming protein in the morning instead of the easy to grab and go carbs. So, this only takes 2 minutes and you can even take it with! The eggs stay hot a lot longer than ones on a plate do too.

Let me know if you tried them and if you made any improvements!

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10 Responses to “eggs in a cup”

  1. Mom B. Says:

    Amazing idea! Thanks,
    Mom and Dad B.

  2. Mom B. Says:

    We love you, Kris,
    Mom and Dad B.

  3. Barbara V Says:

    Loved the way it looked and not having a messy fry pan

  4. Nicolette Says:

    O.K. True confessions. I have never been to pinterest before. i headed over after your posting (Thanks for it) and was totally distracted by the site and then the thin mints recipe that was featured there. Cool site. Thank you!

  5. Patricia Says:

    What a great idea. I am soooo lazy in the mornings but I can do this. Thanks.

  6. Marva Says:

    Thanks for keeping it light today, Kris! My first day back at work and this is about the 5th encouragement I’ve received about doing something healthy for myself, like ‘be sure to take your adrenal support supplements’, ‘be sure to reschedule that dental appt. you canceled’, ‘get out of town for a few days’. 🙂 Can’t wait to try this idea.

  7. Kris Says:

    I love spinach, tomatoes and cheese in my eggs.
    Was out of the first 2 today . . . I’m on my way to the store!

  8. Nanci Hinman Says:

    great idea, and so quick and easy!! Loved it, may try it for dinner some nite also with rolls jam and veggies…. and I loved the “Pinterest” never knew about that ….what a great way to organize the things you love and try things out! thanks for posting!!

  9. Ren Says:

    I’m usually very particular about scrambled eggs, but when I make them in the microwave, I look leftovers in the fridge (tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms).. I toss them in, add a little Swiss cheese, and poof! Microwave quiche!

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