fuzzy yellow hope

My husband pointed out to me the aspens in our backyard this morning. He said, “Look up and down the entire tree and tell me what you see.” Isn’t it amazing how growth happens right before our eyes, often without our even noticing it? The trees are full of little fuzzy bulb-buds where leaves are growing secretly within, awaiting the right moment to emerge and salute spring!

I’ve noticed over the last week or so that our goldfinches are changing also. I always enjoy the transformation. Bright yellow feathers begin peeking beneath the dull feathers of their chests and heads hinting at the brilliant gold they will sport in the spring and summer months.

Hope wears feathers. It wears leaves. After the interminable winter, they are a happy testament to new life, warmth, growth and joy to come! Hope is embodied in buds and feathers.

Even when more snow falls this month, I will remind myself that I’ve seen those buds and yellow feathers. I know without a doubt that although winter tries to maintain its grip, it can’t last against the power of Spring. Fuzzy yellow hope will carry me through until then!


8 Responses to “fuzzy yellow hope”

  1. Timothy W. Johnson Says:

    Hi Kris, left a message at your home phone… with my number. Hope to hear from you. Much to share. : ) Sorry to hear about your parents passing, mine are gone as well. Hope you’re doing well, Kris. I’ve done very well over the past 30 years, live in GA now!! : ) Take care, Kris. If I don’t hear from you, have a great life. : ) All my love, always… Tim Johnson.

  2. Timothy W Johnson Says:

    You are an inspiration, Kris. : ) You and your husband sound like very sensitive, good people. Hope to hear more… Tim Johnson

  3. Ren Says:

    Very cool!

  4. TheGoodNewsFamily Says:

    Absolutely lovely. Basking in fuzzy yellow hope today.

  5. Gene Lassiter Says:

    Thanks Kris. I checked your blog just last week and wondered how you and Les were doing over the Winter. Glad to see Spring is on it’s way:) Gene (Dothan)

  6. Jenny Says:

    Just what I needed to hear Kris. Thanks a ton for the reminder 😉

  7. Les Beauchamp Says:

    Hope wears feather. It wears leaves.
    Profound Honey, Profound!
    I love you so much.

  8. pam Says:

    thanks kris 🙂 why is it so much easier to believe hope for others & not for ourselves? thanks for reminding me.

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