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April 28, 2011

the sun brightens blossoms on the Serviceberry tree

our picture window is a portal to an aviary

a host, a plethora, a spectacular group to see

our yard’s the popular place for hungry birds to be



April 26, 2011

Another gray-wet day
I wish the sunshine would stay
I shouldn’t complain
I’m really tired of rain
I’ll choose to be glad anyway

shadorma poetry

February 15, 2010

I came across a new kind of poetry as I was glancing through a Writer’s Digest magazine. I’d never heard of it before. Of course, I googled the word shadorma and unfortunately, I’ve come up with nothing helpful.

I never liked poetry growing up. I actually hated being coerced by teachers to put words into a certain form to say something that wasn’t on my mind.

Strangely, all these years later, I find myself tinkering with words trying to arrange in some form the thoughts that ping around in my head!

A shadorma poem is just a six-line stanza that is ruled by syllables.

line 1: 3 syllables
line 2: 5 syllables
line 3: 3 syllables
line 4: 3 syllables
line 5: 7 syllables
line 6: 5 syllables

I don’t know who decides these things. I’m not sure why this is a good formula. Perhaps someone by the name of Shadorma made this up!

Either way, I was up for playing around with words to see how it turned out. So here are a few of my first attempts! The results remind me of Haiku.


winter time
endlessly freezing
stay inside
read a book
maybe even learn to cook
pray Spring will come soon


puppy dogs
lick, chase, tussle, race
constant love
eager trust
run to meet you at the door
piddle on the floor!

Work out

working out
daily commitment
lifting weights
walk and run
building muscles and strong heart
always glad when done

How does one evaluate poetry? Who’s to say if it’s good or bad? What about rhyming? So, if anyone has any good answers, I’m all ears. In the meantime, I think I may create a few more shadorma poems just for practice!


February 11, 2010

normal February day
I’m longing for the grace of May

but no
I stay
I will be present in this way
I must not waste a single day