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Laughable Reasons Why I’m Glad I Work Out

April 29, 2011

I was talking with my husband the other day after reading my Barbie post to him. We got to laughing and came up with a list of silly reasons why I can be glad I work out, even if I never get the Barbie-results I long for. So here, my friends, is a partial list of reasons I’m glad I workout.

I don’t have to fear the chalkboard waddle, one of those things teachers all over the United States of America fear. They don’t want their underarms waving like our noble national flag, flapping and swaying on a breezy day. (Too bad I’m not a teacher anymore!)

Les said I don’t have to fear breaking my hip (as he’s keenly aware of hip issues these days!) I thought that was a nice thing to say, so I asked him why, thinking it had to be because I’ve increased my bone density from working out. The truth is, he said, those areas I’m so frustrated with that haven’t budged much are the padding that will protect my hips when I fall! He said, “Barbies break!” (Well then, I’ve got nothing to fear!)

I won’t need to rely on a “Help Rescue Necklace” when I fall. It’s not a matter of if, it’s only a matter of time! It’s a fact anyone in my family will tell you. I’ve got quite a bit of experience falling! I won’t have to howl into the carpet, “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” Oh, I’ll fall down for sure, but I’ll be strong enough to at least get back up on my own, thankyouverymuch!

Three times this winter alone, I’ve fallen, hard. Once on my rear, once on my hip, and once sprawled in several directions all at once – I practically did the splits! Somehow in that fall, my left big toe and right thumb hurt so bad I thought I’d broken them! I wasn’t particularly worried about my hip, (and now I know why! Padding, my friends, padding!)

Les told me he’s surprised he hasn’t had to go on heart meds as I’ve scared him so many times by falling! He should’ve known before we married. I fell on our second date, taking him with me! (And really, I’m the one who needs heart meds as he’s scared me so many times on purpose for fun – his fun, but that’s another story for another time!)

Then there’s the now infamous “Fall to Beat All Falls.” It happened the day after I came home from having double mastectomy surgery. I saw a vase of flowers that needed more water, so I walked over to pick up the vase and carry it to the kitchen. (I’m not really sure why I did that, since I was told not to lift anything over 5 pounds and besides, I couldn’t raise my hands above my navel because of the pain. I could have just taken a glass of water to dump into the vase but my mind obviously wasn’t working too well . . . must have been the oxycontin, darvoset and/or whatever else I was on!) Les was in the kitchen, about 25 feet away from me. He saw me lift the vase and begin shuffling toward the kitchen. He watched, helpless to prevent me from shuffling right into the foot stool (which I never saw) dropping me in an instant onto my chest (what was left of it) with my arms angled back straight behind me. I don’t remember what happened to the vase of flowers, but I couldn’t move my arms quickly enough, (and even if I could have, I couldn’t have caught myself! I weigh slightly more than 5 pounds!)

The angle at which I was falling, forced forward by momentum, looked like a scene from “What About Bob” as he leaned forward from the mast, hands tied behind him hollering, “I sail! I sail!” Of course in my case it would be “I fall! I fall!”

I didn’t need a ‘help necklace’ that day as Les involuntarily shouted as he sailed across the kitchen and family room in nearly a single bound, unable to prevent the fall and in a panic to know how to pick me up. Where could he put his arms around me to get me up? Not under my arms and not around my chest that was for sure! I don’t remember that part either – probably a good thing! He claims to have lost 10 years of cardiac life that day! (A little pay-back for all the scares, I say!)

I’m telling you, he should not have been surprised. I gave him fair warning by falling on our second date! We hadn’t held hands or kissed or touched in any manner – I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true! We were walking outside in the evening, talking, and somehow I unknowingly missed a shallow step and began to fall – swiftly – I always fall swiftly! I tumbled down – with him trying to rescue me – only to find him straddling me like a difficult spin in a Twister game! (He should’ve known then. And I think he should be really glad that I’ve been working out, because at least now I can pick myself up!)

My final point on this partial list of reasons I’m glad I work out is that I can have my cake and eat it too, at least some of it! You see, one of the reasons I work out is to eat. BTW, have you tried those dark chocolate-covered caramels with the coarse-ground sea salt on the top?! Ohmygosh! If eating them was the only reason I worked out, it would be worth it!

I’ve watched skinny girls all my life. The saying was and may still be, if you want to be skinny, watch a skinny woman eat [and imitate her.] Um, helloooooooo, is anyone paying attention? Skinny women don’t eat! I mean, hardly at all!

I remember when I taught Title I Reading, the teacher across the hall from me was a speech therapist. She was a bit taller than me and probably 3 sizes smaller (and I was quite thin then, but never believed it – youth and young bodies are wasted on the young! We older, wiser people would enjoy and appreciate them so much more!) Anyway, I noticed that every day she brought her lunch with her in a little paper sack. I’d see her sit at her little table with a little paper napkin and nibble her little half a sandwich. Half a sandwich! Nothing else! I’d starve! I couldn’t last a whole day on that!)

It seems to me that skinny people can’t really enjoy eating. They have to pretend they’re eating by putting a minuscule portion of something on their plate and swishing it around making it look like they are eating! They are afraid that if they eat a bite of something their body will instantly pile on the pounds. So they have to take just a little teensy tiny eensy weensy bite and exclaim, “Oh, dear me, I’m stuffed!” (Stuffed my eye!)

I’m so sure. That, my friends, is the reason I’m not skinny. Life is too short not to enjoy eating.

So, when I get discouraged that I’m not seeing the kind of progress I desire, I will return to this, my list of laughable reasons why I’m glad I work out. I’ll smile that I don’t have an arm waddle; I’ll be happy knowing that I shall never break my hip, and that when I fall, I’ll be able to get myself back up again without a medical team. Then I will go find one of those yummy dark caramels with the chunky sea salt bits on the top and chew and savor it as my mouth waters in delight from the creamy, sweet-saltiness that those skinny girls have only ever dreamed about!

genesis gardens

October 1, 2010

Last Saturday my husband and I took a country drive to a beautiful place in the Loess Hills just south of Malvern, Iowa.

I love ‘getting away’ on a road trip with my best friend in the fall! It’s one of my favorite things to do!

Our destination was the home and business of some friends, Debbie and Tony Huetter.

Their little piece of heaven is gorgeous! Tony and Deb live in a 1914 Craftsman home on which they’ve worked diligently over the years, only increasing it’s splendor. They gave us a tour, which caused me to long for such a classic, historic, well-built home!  Their expansive front porch was lined with boxes of apples, and quaint bird houses. I just wanted to grab an apple and sit down to quietly drink in the surroundings!

Our favorite part of their place was their property. An expansive lush green lawn with giant trees and gardens, Genesis Gardens is what they’ve named their business and it’s gorgeous! Check it out on Facebook!

Even though we were there at the end of the growing season, beauty was still in abundance! There were rows and rows of flowers and plants.

They offer a ‘you pick’ option where you are given clippers and you go around cutting the flowers you want. While we were there, another friend, Pam, was assembling a large bouquet of stunning and unique flowers.

Deb pointed out a freshly mown “lawn” which had formerly been a field of wild flowers, also for u-pick.

We walked past a darling, ivy-covered building which they hope someday to turn into a shop.  It’s the kind of place I’d dreamt

about as a young girl, idyllic and a bit mysterious. We walked past it to a small shed in which Deb had hung bunches of flowers upside-down to dry. In front of them was an artfully arranged chair and door with piles of their harvested gourds and pumpkins.

I just didn’t want to leave! There is a part of me, maybe it goes back to my grandparents roots to the farms they grew up on in Canada, but I found myself longing to have a place like that out in the country to enjoy. The only problem is, to have a place as well-kept and beautiful as theirs, means a lot of back-breaking hard work! There wouldn’t be much time to just ‘sit and stare’ as I imagine I’d do! (sigh)

Tony and Debbie do landscaping for homes and businesses as well as trimming, pruning, clean-up and maintenance. Check them out on their website.

Night was nearing and we needed to return to Omaha, but we weren’t going to leave empty-handed! We took home some pumpkins, apple butter and pear butter, a potted mum and two different kinds of hydrangea with instructions on where to plant them for optimal growth. They even gave us a huge bouquet of basil to make into pesto! We’d hit the jackpot!

I left there feeling encouraged. It was refreshing and restorative to be able to leave the ‘big city’ for a drive to Genesis Gardens and Third Day Nursery. Breathing in fresh air, being surrounded by natural beauty and re-connecting with life as it used to be was just what I needed!

The next day, Les planted our hydrangea and mum and I arranged our gourds as a centerpiece on our table. My daughter washed the pumpkins and placed them on the hearth. Because of our trip to Genesis Gardens, Fall has officially arrived in our home!