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birds on a line

September 21, 2010

It’s that time of year when the birds begin lining up on the power lines. It’s as if they are getting ready for their trip south; hanging out with friends, talking about the days to come. Kinda like old guys in small towns sitting together down at the corner coffee shop.

“Been farmin long?”

I imagine the birds chatting as they perch, “Hey, Harry, what route are you and the gang taking this year? Same as last year?”

I always enjoy seeing them perched on the lines, yet it’s with sweet melancholy, because I know that this lining up on the lines is a portent. Winter is on its way.

This morning I heard the honking of geese overhead – out of sight – but I knew what they were up to. I always hate to be left behind, especially when I’m left where it’ll be cold and snowy and those departing will be enjoying the sunny warmth while I shiver! It’s never any fun being left out of the fun! (or the sun!)

As I write, a male cardinal is feeding his youngster. The little bird is perched on a branch above our feeders. He frantically squeak-chirps; his whole body wriggles with desire while his dad drops down to the feeder-box and breaks open a few safflower seeds. Then up he goes, perching on the branch in front of his eager baby-all-a-flutter and places the food in the little guy’s beak. Such a precious sight, a father’s provision. Back and forth, chirps and flutters. Don’t they know winter’s coming?

I think to myself, it’s a little late in the game to have offspring this young, and then I remember, they don’t have a long flight ahead of them. Cardinals don’t ditch us for warmer weather like so many other birds. This makes me happy. One of the most stunningly beautiful birds stays here during the most dreary months. Beauty in the midst of long dark days. Hope embodied in a red feathered form.

I notice that as the leaves of our little Service-berry tree are beginning to change, the feathers of the goldfinches are beginning to darken. Winter is around the bend; both the trees and the birds are preparing.

I always make it through every winter, somehow, and spring always comes again, for which I’m always exuberantly grateful. So,with that knowledge, I’ll enjoy sighting the birds on the lines as they join ranks for their trip to warmer climes. I forgive them for leaving me behind! Besides, just seeing them makes me smile and brings delight to my heart. I know they’ll be back, just like Spring, and that’s good enough for me!


groceries and geese

March 12, 2010

Have you been looking up lately? I was walking out of the grocery store this morning and heard a racket overhead. I looked up and to my amazement the sky was full of geese waaaaaaay up high! There were lines and v-formations constantly changing and morphing into new lines and v’s  and as I looked more closely I realized the entire sky was crowded with geese heading northward! Astounding!

I know this happens every year at this time, but every year it continues to amaze me! Their mass exodus from the south with the accompanying cacophony of honks and wing-flapping stirs wonder and awe within me. I didn’t want to miss out once the groceries were loaded and I was in my car, so I opened the window and sunroof to experience their presence as long as possible. It didn’t matter that it was 40 degrees! There were thousands of geese trekking past and I just had to take notice! I marveled and exclaimed the beauty and wonderment of their travels above. God, you are incredible! Your design of these creatures with internal clocks nudging them to get going, and giving them their own GPS guiding their flight is too marvelous! You are awesome, God! Thank you for this season of change, of movement, of growth and hope. What a delight each new day brings!